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KPMG Ignition sparks innovation and fuels change

Explore how KPMG Ignition can help solve complex issues across your enterprise.

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KPMG in The Wall Street Journal

A series of articles that discuss the firm’s innovation approach and experiences, as examples for CEOs to help demonstrate how to harness the limitless creative potential of their workforce.

» Innovation is about more than the next big thing

» Pursuing growth through innovation: Get strategic

» Three steps to anticipate market disruption

» Innovation brought to life: The 3 key steps

» Cultivating innovation skills in your workforce

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Embracing disruption with innovation

Business leaders have long understood the power—and the threat—of disruptive innovation. Working with KPMG’s innovation leaders, Harvard Business Review created new thought leadership, Embracing Disruption with Innovation, which illustrates how businesses can elevate innovation to a core competency to thrive in today’s age of market disruption.

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